Cody Smith was recently awarded a F32 NIH NRSA fellowship from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences to support his postdoctoral research investigating the role of macrophage subpopulations in chemical-induced lung injury and repair. Specifically, he will be investigating the role of PPARγ, a ligand-dependent transcription factor, in regulating anti-inflammatory macrophage phenotype and promoting resolution of ozone-induced lung inflammation. Results of these studies will have significant translational implications for the development of new strategies for preventing and treating ozone toxicity, and possibly other agents that induce lung inflammation.

During the fellowship, Dr. Smith will be mentored by Drs. Andrew Gow and Debra Laskin and a team of scientists with broad expertise in human subjects research, pathology, and biostatistics. The fellowship will provide training in contemporary bioinformatic technologies including single-cell RNA-sequencing, experience in conducting human subjects research, and provide funding support for travel to scientific conferences and workshops. The fellowship’s focus on technical training, professional development, and mentoring will further Dr. Smith’s progression as an independent scientist and support his long-term career goal of directing a research program focused on elucidating mechanisms of pulmonary disease and toxicity.