External Advisory Board

Photo of Nathan Cherrington PhD
Nathan Cherrington, PhD Professor of Pharmacology & Toxicology and Director of The Center of Toxicology and The Southwest Environmental Health Sciences Center University of Arizona
Photo of Jodi Flaws PhD
Jodi Flaws, PhD Professor of Comparative Biosciences and Associate Director of the Interdisciplinary Environmental Toxicology Program University of Illinois
Photo of Lois Lehman-McKeeman PhD
Lois Lehman-McKeeman, PhD Distinguished Research Fellow Bristol-Myers Squibb, Co.

Internal Advisory Board

Photo of James Millonig PhD
James Millonig, PhD Associate Professor and Senior Associate Dean School of Graduate Studies and Director, MD/PhD Program Rutgers University
Photo of Beatrice Haimovich PhD
Beatrice Haimovich, PhD Professor and Co-Director, Initiative for Maximizing Student Development T32 Program Rutgers University
Photo of Sunita Chaudhary PhD
Sunita Chaudhary, PhD Director, Research Education Cancer Institute of New Jersey
Photo of Itzamarie Chevere-Torres PhD
Itzamarie Chevere-Torres, PhD Director Postdoctoral Affairs

Industry Advisory Board

Photo of Raja Mangipudy PhD, DABT
Raja Mangipudy, PhD, DABT VP, Nonclinical Safety Evaluation & Verterinary Sciences Bristol-Myers Squibb
Photo of Jacqueline Kinyamu-Akunda PhD
Jacqueline Kinyamu-Akunda, PhD Senior Scientific Director, Nonclinical Safety Johnson & Johnson
Photo of Daniel Bagley PhD
Daniel Bagley, PhD Vice President, Global Product Safety Colgate-Palmolive
Photo of Fabian Alexander Grimm PhD
Fabian Grimm, PhD Senior Toxicologist, Biomedical Sciences ExxonMobil
Photo of Renee Bergeron PhD
Renee Bergeron, PhD Executive Director of Project Safety Assessment Novartis