Congratulations to all of our awardees and leaders!

Jaclynn Andres

Graduate Student Representative, Comparative Toxicology, Pathology, and Veterinary SS

Michael Campbell

CDI Undergraduate Travel Award from SOT

Jeanine D’Errico

2nd Place Vera W. Hudson & Elizabeth K. Weisburger Student Award, WIT

Danielle Kozlosky

Graduate Student Representative, MidAtlantic Regional Chapter

Jordan Lee

Pfizer SOT Undergraduate Student Travel Award

Alexa Murray

Student Achievement Award, MASOT, SOT Graduate Student Travel Award, Rubin Award, Mechanisms SS

Troy Roepke

Councilor, Out Toxicologists and Allies SIG

Jennifer Schaefer

3rd Place Student Award, Molecular & Systems Biology SS, Grad Student Award, Regul & Safety Evaluation SS

Talia Seymore

Perry J. Gehring Student Travel Award from SOT

Cody Smith

Don Gardner Award, Inhalation & Respiratory SS, TEPSS Travel Award

Phoebe Stapleton

Young Investigator Award, Inhalation & Respiratory SS

Lauren Walker

New Experiences in Toxicology Postdoc Award

Melissa Wilkinson

Best Presentation Award, Immuno-toxicology SS, SOT Graduate Student Travel Award, ASPET Washington Fellows

Ranran Zhang

Postdoctoral Research Award, Metals SS