This summer, second year student Jeanine D’Errico had the opportunity to intern at Bristol-Myers Squibb in the Drug Safety Evaluation department. On the Molecular-Immuno Toxicology team, she was presented with a need for a high-throughput RNA isolation procedure for serum and plasma.The objective was to automate part of their current method to cut down hands-on time, while maintaining quality and quantity of RNA isolated, in order to support large preclinical toxicology studies. Jeanine had the opportunity to develop and optimize a method with access to the MagMAX Express-96 Magnetic Particle Processor, which holds potential for this automated high-throughput capability. The summer internship offered many opportunities to shadow and network with esteemed toxicologists in an industry setting. A presentation of her work for the Drug Safety Evaluation team was the culmination of her intern experience at Bristol-Myers Squibb.