JGPT PhD Student Ayeshia Morris was selected for the Scientist Mentoring and Diversity Program (SMDP). The 2020 SMDP training session was held virtually over the course of two days (Sep. 20 and 21st). Each day was filled with an array of panelists sharing their experiences working in industry, their journeys and any advice that would make the scholars successful. Panelists included external individuals and alumni who currently work in companies such as: Pfizer, Merck, Johnson and Johnson, AstraZeneca and more. Each of the 72 scholars selected were also paired with one industry mentor on day 1 where we were given the opportunity to meet with them one on one in the breakout rooms to prepare and plan our next yearlong mentorship, meeting at least once a month. In addition to the mentorship and informative presentations, scholars were also given great feedback and tips on how to orient our resume, CV, cover letters, linked in profiles, and SMDP portal profile in order to stand out and be competitive for a position in industry.