On September 22, 2020, the Society of Toxicology’s Postdoctoral Association hosted a webinar as part of their Career Development Webinar Series entitled, “Communicating Science in the Misinformation Age: Strategies for Early Career Scientists.” Lauren Walker, PhD, Alison Bernstein, PhD (Michigan State University), and Andrea Hindman, PhD
(AAAS Fellow, Department of Defense) shared their diverse experiences in science communication and advice for early career scientists looking to become involved in Science Communication.


The session lasted about 90 minutes and covered:


  • Writing science-based Opinion Editorials and submit them to outlets for publication
  • Leveraging social media to overcome public misunderstandings of science
  • Crafting personal storytelling to influence evidence-based policymaking


Each speaker discussed the challenges of modern science communication and their personal strategies for successful interactions with the public and policymakers. The 3 presentations were followed by a moderated Q&A session lead by the webinar chairs.


While the event was aimed at early career scientists, the material covered is of interest to researchers of any experience level who would like to learn more about effective science communication strategies. A recording of this webinar is available on the SOT website.