The Graduate Research Fellowship in Toxicology from Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. supports students involved in pre-clinical, in vivo toxicology research. Fourth year Ph.D. candidate Melissa Wilkinson was chosen to be the 2020-2021 recipient of this competitive fellowship.

Melissa with perform research under the guidance and mentorship of Dr. Andrew Gow to investigate the use of nitro-oleic fatty acids to inhibit pulmonary inflammation and fibrosis in interstitial lung disease. The overall goal of this research is to determine if nitrated fatty acids, like nitro-oleic fatty acid, have therapeutic potential in a model of chronic lung injury. This is crucial because the leading treatment for interstitial lung diseases currently is lung transplantation. The Fellowship will support Melissa’s research costs, stipend, and allow for personalized mentoring from expert scientists at Bristol-Myers Squibb.