JGPT graduate student, Jaclynn Meshanni and postdoc, Cody Smith, both members of Dr. Debra Laskin’s laboratory, participated in an international training program funded by an International Collaborative Research Grant supported by Rutgers Global. The purpose of this global research grant between Dr. Laskin and Dr. Rita Businaro, a professor in the Department of Medical-Surgical Sciences and Biotechnologies at Sapienza University of Rome, is to provide cross training in experimental methods and coordinated research activities that are expected to culminate in manuscripts and joint grant applications.

Jaclynn and Cody hosted two students at Rutgers from the laboratory of Professor Rita Businaro, then they traveled to Latina, Italy for three weeks where they learned new methods in metabolomic analyses and optimized protocols for immunofluorescence staining of mouse lung macrophages. At the end of the training period, Jaclynn and Cody presented a seminar of their research and conceptualized a review article to be written with their new collaborators.