This September 2017, postdoctoral fellow Dr. Ukpong Eyo was awarded a K22 Career Transition Award grant titled “Microglial P2Y12 Receptors in Normal Developmental Physiology and Seizures” from the National Institutes of Health. This grant is a follow up to his prior research with the JGPT where he investigated and showed neuroprotective roles in experimental seizures for microglia-neuron interactions through the P2Y12 receptors. With this grant, Eyo will be studying the role of these receptors in microglial function during early postnatal neural development and developmental seizures employing biochemical, genetic, trangenic, pharmacological and real-time high resolution in vivo imaging approaches. Eyo’s research goal is to further understand mechanisms regulating microglial development and microglial contributions to neural development/neurodevelopmental disorders. This work will further our understanding of microglia as novel targets for therapeutic intervention in the clinic for human neurodevelopmental disorders.