JGPT students at SOT – from left to right: Ron Udasin, Kristin Bircsak, Jamie Moscovitz, Mary Francis, Angela Tiethof, Adele Miller

At the 53rd meeting of the Society of Toxicology, held March 24-27 in Phoenix, AZ, JGPT students received top honors in many categories:

  • Kristin Bircsak: 1st Place Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology Specialty Section Graduate Student Poster Award
  • Mary Francis: Mechanisms and Risk Assessment Specialty Sections Robert J. Rubin Student Travel Award
  • Ashley Green: Mid-Atlantic SOT Regional Chapter Geoffrey Hogan Memorial Award
  • Christal Lewis: Carcinogenesis Specialty Section Graduate Student Award
  • Dharm V. Singh: Carcinogenesis Endowment Award
  • Adele Miller: 1st Place Ocular Toxicology Specialty Section Covance OSOD Graduate Student Research Award
  • Jamie Moscovitz: Women in Toxicology Special Interest Group Graduate Student Achievement Award
  • Alessandro Venosa: Toxicologic and Exploratory Pathology Specialty Section Travel Award and Outstanding Graduate Student Leadership Committee Award