SOT 012The 2016 Society of Toxicology (SOT) meeting was held in New Orleans, LA. JGPT faculty and students received a number of awards and honors. Dr. Ken Reuhl, former JGPT Director, was honored with the Education Award and Dr. Lauren Aleksunes, current JGPT Director, was received the Achievement Award. Dr. Mike Gallo was selected as the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Mechanisms Specialty Section. Thea Golden, PharmD and Jamie Moscovitz received Graduate Student Travel Awards. John Szilagyi competed and won 1st Place in the Poster Contest for the Reproductive and Developmental Specialty Section. Sheryse Taylor received an Honorable Mention Poster Award from the Molecular and Systems Biology Specialty Section. The Sheldon D Murphy Travel Award was given to Blessy George, PharmD, Mary Francis and Ludwik Gorczyca.  Kristin Bircsak, PhD (not shown) was honored with the Edward W. Carney Trainee Award (Reproductive and Developmental Specialty Section) and Robert J Rubin Student Travel Award (Mechanisms/Risk Assessment Specialty Section).