The Fall 2021 meeting of the MidAtlantic Society of Toxicology meeting was held on Oct 8th in collaboration with the MidAtlantic Reproductive and Teratology Association. The focus of this meeting was on Advances in Reproductive Toxicology. Eleven trainees were selected for oral presentations to the two societies including 10 from Rutgers. They include Candace Longoria, Shengjie Xu, Yingzheng Wang, Alyssa Bellomo, Jennifer Schaefer, Emily Stevenson, Jake Lessing, Rulaiha Taylor, Cassandra Meakin, and Pawat Pattarawat. At the end of the scientific and career development talks, the award winners were announced and included Jeanine D’Errico (MASOT Students Achievement Award), Shengjie Xu (1st Place), Candace Longoria (2nd Place), Emily Stevenson (3rd Place), and Rulaiha Taylor (Conney W Berger Memorial Graduate Student Award).