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RESSA and RATS hosted an Environmental Justice Panel that included five panelists: Austin Edwards, Trenton NAACP President and Trenton School Board Attorney, Shereyl Snider, Community Organizer for East Trenton Collaborative, Matthew Farrell, NJDEP Community Liaison, Kathleen Bell, Environmental Public Health Coordinator EPA Region 2, and Towana Joseph, Environmental Justice Coordinator EPA Region 2. The panel highlighted the importance of cooperation between federal and state governments with the communities they govern in order to create safer living conditions for citizens. By discussing the Trenton community and their struggles with high lead exposures, students and faculty had the chance to ask questions to the panelists, helping them understand what part they can play in environmental justice using their roles and resources in academia. A big thank you goes out to all the panelists and Fatima Haynes and Sean Stratton for organizing!