Coordinated by 5th year PhD candidate Joanna Woo and 4th year PhD student Talia Seymore, the Toxicology, Health, and Environmental Disease (THED) high school program was a success once again. Held at the end of July, JGPT students took on the role of instructors to help introduce these future scientists to various toxicological topics and techniques through a week-long series of intensive lectures and wet-lab sessions. JGPT instructors in THED included Veronia Basaly, Michael Campbell, Juliana Choza, Disha Gupta, Candace Longoria, Jessica Rodriguez, Cassandra Winz, and Zhenning Yang. One of the most popular activities in this year’s sessions was the consumer products lab where students made and marketed their own soap to instructors while taking into account the common toxicology assessments that help create safety labels.